4 Best High CBD / Low THC Marijuana Strains

4 Best High CBD Low THC Marijuana Strains

There’s a massive selection of cannabis strains now available to order online, each with its own unique qualities. Some marijuana users seek out the most potent, THC-packed strains for an intense psychoactive high. However, if you prefer a calmer, more manageable high with more potent medical benefits, you’ll want to look for the best High CBD / Low THC Marijuana Strains.

Finding cannabis strains with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC is much harder than the reverse. Most marijuana strains are bred for high levels of THC, although as CBD is becoming more popular, more high-CBD strains are starting to emerge. Some strains even offer an equal or even higher ratio of CBD to THC. Here are some of the best strains available in terms of CBD levels.


ACDC is one of the best and most popular high-CBD/low-THC marijuana strains available. Strains with higher levels of CBD than THC are rare, yet ACDC buds can contain ratios as high as 20:1 THC to CBD. That means you can expect levels of around 12-16% CBD, an incredibly potent amount of cannabidiol for a marijuana strain.

Since it contains extra high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, this strain won’t give you much of a psychoactive high at all. Users looking to avoid the usual intoxicating effects of weed will enjoy ACDC as it simply provides a soothing and calming effect due to its cannabidiol content.

It’s often used by medical users looking to counteract a range of physical and mental health symptoms. For instance, you can use ACDC to counteract symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation. It can also help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. It’s also a favorite for chemotherapy patients as it can reduce nausea and boost your appetite.



2. MediHaze

MediHaze is another incredible high-CBD strain that’s a favorite for many medical users. While it doesn’t boast the exceptionally high CBD ratio of ACDC, it usually has a ratio of around 1:1 CBD to THC. Some MediHaze buds even contain a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. As such, this is a great choice for users who want the benefits of CBD without sacrificing the psychoactive high of THC.

Although MediHaze will get you high, it’s a much milder high than you might expect. It’ll swiftly boost your mood, calm your sense, and relax your body all over. While high-THC marijuana strains often make you feel hazy and sedated, you’ll still feel focused and clear-headed under the influence of MediHaze. As such, it’s a great strain to use during the daytime, even if you’re only looking for recreational effects.

As far as medical effects go, this is one of the best strains out there. The physically soothing effects are perfect for dealing with even severe symptoms of pain and inflammation. The mentally calming effects will relieve you of any anxiety or stress. It can also help reduce seizures and muscle spasms.

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3. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most sensational sativa strains out there as well as being a very popular strain for medical use. The THC levels can vary greatly from around 17% to 24%, so it’s not the best choice for users looking for a low-THC strain. However, in addition to high THC levels, it also packs a good dose of CBD and CBN.

While the extra CBD content is great for dealing with issues such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures, CBN is known as an appetite booster and sleep aid. These cannabinoids, in conjunction with THC, can provide a bevy of medical benefits for all kinds of users.

On top of the health perks, Blue Dream gives you one of the most uplifting highs. It’ll instantly boost your mood to make you feel happy and focused. It also helps heighten your senses and bolster your creativity. Overall, it’s a fantastic strain for both recreational and medical users.

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Blue Dream

4. Critical Kush

Critical Kush isn’t the best option for users who want low-THC. In fact, it contains relatively high THC levels. However, in conjunction with its higher than average CBD levels, Critical Kush is a great strain for medical users who want something a little stronger to tackle their symptoms.

In contrast to Blue Dream, Critical Kush is a powerful indica-dominant strain with intensely relaxing effects. It swiftly hits you with a calming euphoria followed by all-over physical relaxation. It’s also likely to give you couch-lock and you may even find yourself falling asleep under the influence of this strain.

While it may be too powerful for some, medical users who want to target severe symptoms of chronic pain, stress or insomnia will greatly appreciate its effects. It relieves you of any stress and pain and can also give you a sensational night of sleep.

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Other CBD Products

While medical users often seek out high-CBD strains, users who want pure CBD effects might find CBD products more convenient. These are products that contain cannabidiol with no added THC, offering an easy way to get the benefits of CBD without getting high.

CBD Oil is a popular type of CBD product that you use by applying your desired dose under your tongue. Hold it there for a minute or two and you’ll quickly absorb the cannabidiol into your system. It can also be added to foods and drinks.

CBD Capsules offer an arguably even more convenient option. Each one of these contains a measured dose of cannabidiol, making it easy to simply take one or two each day and wash down with some water.

You can also find other CBD products such as tasty CBD Edibles and CBD Vape Products. All of these are safe to use with no risk of addiction, overdose or health problems. They make a good alternative for users who want the effects of CBD but don’t want any psychoactive effects.


If you’re looking for medical strains with high levels of CBD, these are some of the best options. You can also choose from a range of pure CBD products if you don’t want any added THC. Alternatively, you can also find a range of other high-quality medical cannabis strains if you don’t mind the effects of THC. No matter what you prefer, you can find a range of products at TopDispensary.ca.

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