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Enjoy Top-Shelf Weed Strains and Products at Canada’s #1 Online Dispensary

Top Dispensary is gaining recognition as one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Canada. We offer a wide range of products for both beginners and experienced users alike. From regular buds to rare strains, potent concentrates, and CBD products — you can’t run out of options with us.

Signing up with Top Dispensary is simple. All you need is a valid proof of age and details on where to deliver your order. Browse through our extensive selection of the finest flowers to find yourself a few favourites that will match your preferences.

Continue reading to learn what makes Top Dispensary one of the most trusted cannabis dispensaries in Canada.

Why People Choose Top Dispensary As Their #1 Supplier

Canada has a long tradition of mail-order marijuana services, but with legal cannabis in the country, their popularity has skyrocketed.

We’re considered the best cannabis dispensary in Canada for a good reason. With Top Dispensary, you can get your hands on A-class weed in a fast and easy way without breaking the bank. Our products are sold in different sizes and strengths, from regular flowers to concentrates, vapes, edibles, and CBD products.

Each batch of our goods makes it through rigorous quality and safety testing in 3rd-party laboratories. This way, we ensure that your mail-ordered marijuana lives up to what’s advertised on the label.

Whether you live near Niagara Falls or just planning to visit it for a few days, just order your weed ahead and we will deliver it within 2-3 days in a discreet manner to the provided address.

Here are just a few benefits you get once you become our member:

  • Bulk orders give you big savings
  • You get access to a wide range of different marijuana flowers you can mix and match
  • Great deals for customers who subscribe to our newsletter
  • Fast delivery

If you can’t find a cannabis dispensary anywhere near you in Niagara Falls, we’re always at your service. We value our customers’ privacy, so you can rest assured your purchases remain safe and discreet.

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What to Do in Niagara Falls After With Your Mail-ordered Cannabis

There are so many things to do in Niagara Falls that it’s worth spending two or three days exploring the marvellous sights offered by this region as well as the natural attractions brought to you by the locals.

Seeing the waterfall isn’t the only thing to do here. Once you roll a few joints up or get your vape pen in the backpack, you can take part in many outdoor activities. From exciting Hornblower Niagara Cruises to flying in one of Niagara’s helicopters to visiting a tacky-but-fun Clifton Hill, it’s impossible to run out of options in Niagara Falls, especially with a bag of high-quality weed.

Foodies can revel in a walking tour around Niagara Falls, tasting local shops and restaurants. We strongly recommend stopping by at family-owned Italian restaurants, local ice-cream parlors, and many more of the city’s famous eating spots.