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Sherbrooke is a great city for cannabis lovers. We want our customers to be able to buy premium weed for affordable prices whether they live in Sherbrooke or they’re planning a trip to the city for a holiday.

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Things to Do in Sherbrooke Once You Get Your Mail-Ordered Marijuana

Located at the confluence of the Magog and Saint-Francois rivers, Sherbrooke is a lovely city, with a long history dating back to 8,000 years ago.

Being the economic, cultural, and institutional centre of the region, Sherbrooke was named as the “Queen of the Eastern Townships.” Its urban core is embraced by numerous green spaces, surrounded by lakes, rivers, and mountains.

If you’re planning a holiday with an ounce of weed you’ve just bought online, Sherbrooke has plenty to offer, including heritage sights, natural wonders, and cultural attractions.

Have an adventurer’s soul? Head to the Mon Bellevue Park for a hiking trip to explore 30 kilometres of undisturbed natural beauty. If you’re more into urban vibes, you can enjoy the city’s natural diversity, look at castles, or visit one of Sherbrooke’s history museums to learn about its long history.

Now, this activity will require you to have some balls because Sherbrooke has a prison you can visit as one of the major attractions. The prison is now completely abandoned and is believed to be haunted — back in the days, it held some of the most vicious criminals in the province.

Now that you’ve ordered your weed from Canada’s best dispensary, enjoy your time in Sherbrooke with high-quality weed and our humble trip guide in mind!