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Canada’s #1 Online Dispensary for Cannaisseurs in St. Catherines

Top Dispensary is no. 1 online dispensary selling the highest-quality marijuana in Canada.

You can get your hands on the best marijuana in the country without even leaving your house. Here at Top Dispensary, we provide our customers with a wide range of carefully selected cannabis strains, from indica flowers to sativa and hybrids.

Signing up to our online dispensary is fast and easy. You can place your order with just a couple of clicks and have your favourite green goodies delivered right at your doorstep.

Using mail-order marijuana services in St. Catherines is the best choice for having top-notch smoking experience while saving time for some great activities in the city.

Why More People Are Turning to Top Dispensary for High-Quality Weed

As legal marijuana is gaining in popularity in the country, people are looking for the highest-quality flowers and trusted dispensaries, often turning to Top Dispensary with their orders.

Wondering why our store is considered no. 1 online marijuana dispensary in Canada?

Top Dispensary offers a broad selection of top-shelf quality marijuana strains and other cannabis-infused products, for both seasoned consumers and casual tokers alike.

Here you can find an abundance of marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates, and vapes. We have carefully selected and sourced our products from trusted and dedicated growers and manufacturers to meet the highest standards.

We guarantee the highest quality. Our products are tested in 3rd-party laboratories to meet the rigorous quality and safety standards.

People in St. Catherines are now choosing Top Dispensary, as it’s one of the most trusted online marijuana dispensaries in Canada, and its customers get amazing perks when placing the order.

Being a member of our community gives you the following perks:

  • access to a broad selection of marijuana flowers
  • amazing deals for our newsletter subscribers
  • big savings on larger orders
  • great gifts
  • timely delivery and free shipping

Buying marijuana online in St. Catherines is not only easy and convenient but also discreet. We care about our customer’s safety and therefore we have very high data protection standards. You can rest assured that any personal information about you and your orders remain safe at Top Dispensary. As for your package, it’s delivered safely in a discreet manner so you don’t have to worry your neighbour knows what’s inside.

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Things to do in St. Catherines

As one of the most populated city in the Niagara Region, St. Catherines has a wide range of activities to offer for every type of stoner.

Once you get your-mail ordered weed in St. Catherines, you can go to the Bruce Trail, which is the oldest and longest footpath in the country.

For those of you who prefer gorgeous natural landscapes over diverse urban areas, we recommend heading to the lake to explore Port Dalhousie.

Whatever is your favourite thing to do after a nice smoking session, you can enjoy your mail-ordered weed from Canada’s no. 1 dispensary and feel the relaxed vibe of this city.