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How Top Dispensary Ca Works

At, we want to make things simple for you. Enjoy easy, hassle-free online shopping with our pricing categories on cannabis:

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  • Our ounces weigh 30 grams, you receive a 2 gram bonus on us!
  • Our half ounces weight 15 grams, you receive a 1 gram bonus on us!
  • When you buy 60 grams receive one of the following gift for FREE:
    • 7 grams AAA+ OG Shark
    • 400 MG Edibles
  • Mix and match strains in any way you like starting at 5 grams
  • Get 15% OFF plus a FREE 7g AAA+ OG Shark or a 400MG Edibles when you order a total of 60 grams | This is stackable if you buy 4 ounces you get 2 gifts. This maxes out at 8 ounces and 4 free gifts
  • SAVE MORE by getting an additional 5% OFF totaling 20% OFF your entire order by using promo code: TOP5

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