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Sativa Cannabis

Sativa is a cannabis category that is famous for its ability to lift mood and stimulate the mind. Sativa weed strains typically give the user a ‘head’ high, unlike indica weed which produces more of a ‘body’ high. This means that sativa weed highs are felt more in the brain while that of indica is felt in the body. 

Sativa Weed Effects

Sativa weed promotes energy and makes the user active. After consuming sativa weed, most people feel like walking around, cleaning, dancing, creating things, or doing something constructive. This is the exact opposite of indica weed, which calms the user and makes them want to sit on the couch all day watching TV. 

Sativa weed strains should, therefore be used during the day because it may cause insomnia at night. Stoners who are susceptible to anxiousness and nervousness when they take marijuana should stay away from extremely potent sativas. Instead, they should go for sativa-dominant hybrids that have a little bit of indica features to balance the effects. 

People who want to stay alert and feel energized at the same time without feeling nervous may find some of the best highs in sativa cannabis. 

How Does Sativa Weed Work?

Researchers are yet to find out why different strains of marijuana create varied effects. However, they’ve investigated how CBD and THC, the most active compounds in marijuana, work together. 

To better understand how sativa strains work; let’s look at the effects of the various compounds available in cannabis sativa:


Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the compound behind the euphoric high felt after marijuana ingestion. THC does a very good job at relieving chronic pain and relaxing the muscles. The compound is also behind some of the unwanted effects of weed, such as nervousness and anxiousness. 

Sativa-dominant strains contain high THC levels. That’s why they produce potent head highs that can last for many hours. 


Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is yet another compound found in cannabis. The compound is non-psychoactive and one of its main functions is to work against the effect of THC, providing more balanced sensations. CBD is mostly viewed as a calming compound because of its ability to modulate THC’s psychoactive effects. It can also treat anxiety and is very effective when it comes to appetite and sleep stimulation. 


Terpenes, also called terpenoids, are compounds found in plants best known for their scented features. Marijuana terpenes have distinctive scents and can largely boost the effects of cannabis. Sativa weed contains many terpenes which help boost the effects of THC. 

The Entourage Effect

Terpenes work as individual elements. Some have sedative, relaxation, and mood-uplifting features, while others are perfect pain relievers. However, terpenes can also work with each other through a phenomenon called ‘the entourage effect’ to produce a variety of effects. 

Similarly, terpenes also have the capacity to work with cannabinoids such as CBG, CBD, and THC to produce a whole range of effects. 

Scientists are in the process of determining how different marijuana terpenes and cannabinoids can be mixed in a variety of ways to create a whole new range of effects. 

Medicinal Benefits of Sativa Weed

The ability of sativa weed to produce highly specific effects makes it useful in the medical world. Sativa weed strains can help cure/manage the following diseases:


Sativa cannabis has the capacity to elevate mood. It also makes the user active. As a result, the marijuana strains are very helpful when it comes to the treatment of depression. Research shows that sativa-dominant strains can act as natural antidepressants. 

Chronic Pain

Sativa weed helps relieve chronic pain thanks to its high THC levels. When consumed, THC releases energizing effects, which help with pain relief. 


Because of its energizing effects, sativa weed is recommended to people with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Its effects help increase focus, making sativa-dominant strains very useful in tasks that require concentration. 

Appetite Stimulant 

People living with conditions such as anorexia and cancer lack desire for food. Sativa-dominant strains are perfect natural hunger stimulants, which makes them excellent for cancer patients. 

Features of the Sativa Plant 

Sativa plants have a lot of unique features. For instance, they are thin and perhaps the tallest cannabis plants. The height of sativa plants ranges from 6-20 feet. Because of their tendency to grow very tall, sativa plants are best grown outdoors, but in warmer climates with long summers.

The leaves of sativa plants are narrow and a little bit longer than those of indica strains. The branches grow far apart from each other and are usually loosely attached to the plant. This is quite the opposite of indica plants where the branches tend to grow close to each other creating a thick-bushy appearance. 

Sativa weed strains take 2-3 months on average to flower and become ready for harvest. Although people can now grow and harvest sativa plants in Canada, the plants are originally from warm parts of the world such as Thailand, Columbia, and Mexico. Sativa plants produce thick buds with a distinctive sweet-fruity scent. 

Sativa Weed FAQs

What is Sativa Weed?

Sativa weed is a category of cannabis known for its energizing and mood-altering effects. Sativa weed also has a host of medicinal uses including chronic pain relief and management of depression, ADHD, and anxiety. 

What is Sativa Weed Known for?

Sativa weed is known for its characteristic ‘head’ high sensations and uplifting effects. 

How Can I Differentiate Sativa Buds From Their Indica Counterparts?

Sativa buds are often larger and less dense than indica weed. They are also typically cone shaped. 

Is it True That Sativa Makes you Sleepy?

No. Sativa weed typically doesn’t make you sleepy. It has stimulating and energizing effects that will make you active.

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