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Many countries around the world have legalized marijuana (including Canada), and many more are in the process of doing so. The increased marijuana legalization has given rise to different ways of ingesting the holy plant. Similarly, the new-found cannabis acceptance has introduced various forms of marijuana that were initially hidden from the public. Some of these forms include cannabis concentrates and weed extracts.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s best known for its high percentage of terpenes. As you may know, cannabis terpenes are natural compounds found in marijuana buds that give various weed strains their distinctive smells and tastes. 

While marijuana strains contain hundreds of terpenes, the most popular ones are:

- Myrcene - Delta 3 Carene - Limonene - Caryophyllene - Alpha-Pinene

Each terpene has its own set of unique properties. Some terpenes can help relieve feelings of anxiousness, chronic pain, and depression. Others are good at treating nausea and insomnia.  

Most cannabis concentrates, including hash, shatter, and budder, are derived from dried and cured cannabis plant material. 

This is, however, not the case with live resin, which is obtained from fresh marijuana buds that were flash frozen to preserve as much live plant material as possible. That’s why the concentrate has the name ‘live’ in it.  Since the processing of live resin doesn’t include drying and curing of cannabis plant materials, through a process known as decarboxylating, live resin maintains a rich terpene profile. As a result, live resin has some of the best flavors and aromas when it comes to cannabis concentrates in Canada.

History of Live Resin

While the likes of hash and shatter have been around for quite some time, live resin is a relatively new concentrate. Live resin was first made in 2013 by a group of cannabis enthusiasts who were experimenting with fresh cannabis plant materials to make marijuana concentrate. After a few trials and errors, the group perfected the art of making a weed concentrate from fresh plant matter, naming it live resin.

Shopping for Live Resin

High-quality live resin is gold or amber in color. Because of its wealthy terpene profile, high-quality live resin should emit a strong and sweet aroma. There should also be a perfect balance of THC and terpenes. Terpenes in live resin do a phenomenal job working together with THC’s psychoactive effects.

How to Take Live Resin

There are a variety of ways to ingest live resin. One of the best ways is through dabbing, where a variety of dabbing materials can be used, including dab straws, dab rigs, dab pens among many others.  Dabbing devices that allow the user to control temperatures are best suited for live resin, as terpenes don’t do well with excess heat. Also, if the heat is too low, the flavor of the live resin can be a little jaded. The trick, therefore, is to get a dabbing device that allows you to switch between high and low temperatures.

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