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Shatter is one of the most potent cannabis concentrates in Canada. It consists of a high percentage of THC, and modest amounts of terpenes and CBD, allowing for long lasting effects. THC concentration in shatter may reach higher than 80 percent. Shatter typically looks like an amber sheet of glass that is solid in nature. 

How’s Shatter Made?

A solvent is needed when making shatter. Commonly used solvents include butane and CO2. The extraction process involves putting marijuana plants in a container, then forcing butane or CO2 through it. The purpose of this process is to extract beneficial compounds such as THC, CBD, and terpenes, from the cannabis. 

The extraction of cannabinoids from marijuana plant materials is a dangerous process. The right knowledge as well as proper handling of chemicals is required. Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from trying it at home, as it might result in a fire, explosion, and serious injury. 

Smoking Shatter

To smoke shatter, users require dab rigs or dab pens. Some users may also use special water pipes they’ve customized for dabbing. 

Most people prefer using dab pens because they are cheap and easily accessible. Additionally, dab pens are easier to use and are also discrete. The only shortcoming with dab pens, however, is that they are sometimes not very good at heating the concentrate. 

Shatter is widely referred to as ‘dabs’, and the process of consuming is referred to as ‘dabbing’. 

Shatter Effects

Users don’t need to breathe in combusted material when it comes to consuming shatter. For this reason, the high produced by shatter is by far ‘cleaner’ than many of the other ways of consumption that require inhaling. 

Users looking to consume high amounts of THC should consider trying out shatter. Not only does shatter pack incredible amounts of THC, it also has high percentages of other marijuana compounds, including CBD and terpenes. 

Because of its high levels of THC, shatter generates intense highs quickly. One hit of shatter is by far stronger than consuming a whole joint in many cases. This means intoxication is more powerful and the user may experience dry mouth, and an extreme feeling of heaviness in the head and body. 

Storing Shatter

Shatter should be handled and stored properly to make sure it stays clean and high-quality. With proper storage, users don’t have to worry about consuming contaminated shatter. Users are advised to always wear gloves when handling shatter. This way, they can eliminate the possibility of contaminating their shatter with bacteria, oils, and dirt. Parchment papers can also be used to handle shatter.   

Users are also advised to always place their shatter on nonstick surfaces to avoid waste. Usually, when shatter is placed on a sticky surface, a sticky residue is left on the surface during pick up and this may result in wasted material. 

Regardless of how a user stores their shatter, the concentrate will soften and become budder sooner or later. Shatter will become budder faster if it’s left out in the heat or stored at room temperature. 

To protect shatter from turning into budder, users are advised to always store it in a tightly sealed container. Shatter lovers can also buy special non-stick containers that are designed for storing nearly all types of cannabis concentrates. 

When it comes to freezer storage, users are encouraged to use parchment papers when separating shatter for easier portioning. One problem with freezer storage is condensation. The moisture may make the shatter crumble faster. To avoid a condensation situation, it’s advisable to wipe dry your non-stick container regularly to minimize moisture levels. 

Possible Risks of Consuming Shatter

A variety of ingredients are used in the manufacturing of shatter. Similarly, the concentrate possesses strong potency due to its extreme levels of THC. As a result, consuming shatter comes with some level of risk. Some possible risks of using shatter include: 


Exposure to impurities is one of the biggest risks of consuming shatter. The manufacturing process of cannabis concentrates involves flushing out solvents, such as CO2 and butane. The end product is, therefore, highly likely to contain butane or CO2 remnants. Consuming solvents among other impurities in shatter is dangerous, particularly to individuals with immune system complications.  It is therefore important to purchase shatter from a trusted source.


It is important for first time cannabis concentrate users to tread carefully when it comes to shatter. Shatter contains extreme THC levels, which can cause increased heart rate, paranoia and anxiety, among other unwanted effects. People struggling with mental disorders such as borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia are highly likely to experience negative side effects when they consume shatter. 

Medicinal Value of Shatter

Thanks to its high THC concentration, shatter is highly applicable in the treatment of various health conditions, such as:

Depression and Anxiety

Shatter is rich in CBD. For many years, health providers have recommended CBD to patients who suffer from mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. 

Appetite and Nausea

The right THC dosage can help combat problems, such as vomiting and nausea. THC is also good at stimulating appetite making it particularly helpful to people living with cancer as well as those with HIV/AIDS. 


Shatter is highly effective at pain relief thanks to its high CBD and THC levels. People who suffer from arthritis and persistent headaches may find shatter very helpful. 

Multiple Sclerosis 

Muscle spasticity is a symptom associated with multiple sclerosis. It is painful and can make the sufferer quite uncomfortable. The high THC levels in shatter can help with the adverse effects of muscle sclerosis. 

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