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Vaping is the go-to method of ingesting marijuana for people who want to enjoy their cannabis flower and favorite weed concentrates in a more discreet manner. In addition to being discreet, vaporization provides an easier and quicker way of consuming cannabis. Also, unlike smoking, vaping weed doesn’t expose users to carcinogens, tar, and other harmful chemical compounds. 

Users can choose their preferred cannabis vaporizers from a whole range of vaping devices. The best part about vapes is that they’re portable and very easy to use. You can easily fit a vaporizer in your backpack or pocket and use it to consume your favorite marijuana while on the go. 

Vape Pens

Vape pens are special vaporizers specially created for vaporizing cannabis oils and distillates. They have a compact design and are comprised of two main parts; the vape cartridge and battery. 

A vape cartridge consists of a heating element, chamber, and mouthpiece. The chamber is the most important part of a vape cartridge. This is the part that contains the distillate or cannabis oil. Usually, cannabis oils and distillates are highly concentrated with all the desired chemical compounds of marijuana such as THC and CBD. 

Vape batteries, on the other hand, come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose between large, small, rectangular, or cylindrical batteries. The fact that most vape pen batteries are compatible with a diverse range of vape cartridges makes shopping for a new weed pen battery relatively hassle-free. 

When shopping for a new vape pen, consider things like the type of battery and battery capacity. These two aspects determine the heat up time of the vape pen as well as its overall lifespan. 

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Vape Pen

Avoid smelling like weed : Marijuana has a distinctive smell that makes it easy for people to tell when someone’s hitting their favorite bud. If you want to be discreet when enjoying your weed, you need a vape pen. Vape pens create a less potent smell and can help mask the smell of weed. 

Sense of taste: Dry herb vaporizers allow you to experience the very best of your favorite herbs’ flavor profiles. Because there’s no combustion involved, terpenes (the compounds responsible for marijuana’s unique taste) can function optimally to give you maximum flavor. 

Prevent cardiovascular disease: The burning marijuana plant material produces carcinogens and tar, which can cause an array of health complications. It can affect blood pressure and negatively impact overall wellbeing. This is, however, not the case with vape pens. Vapes don’t release the harmful chemical compounds of combustion and are therefore healthier. 

Other reasons to get a vape pen include to:

-Avoid social stigma about marijuana 

-Avoid over 4,000 chemicals associated with smoking

-Breathe clearer and easier

-Produce vapor which disappears fast

Why Choose Top Dispensary for Your Vaping Needs?

With vaping weed trending in Canada, you want to shop at trusted sources to ensure you receive premium vape products. At Top Dispensary, we offer only the best vape cartridges, vape pens and other vape products in Canada. 

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