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CBD Oil for Pets Canada

The CBD oil for pets industry in Canada is steadily growing. Last year, pet owners spent approximately $15 million on hemp-derived pet products in the United States alone. Experts are confident that these numbers will go as high as $125 million by 2022.  

What Pets Can CBD Oil be used on?

There are currently CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats products in Canada. Most mammals will react similarly with CBD oil as humans. However, most CBD pet products in Canada are marketed towards dogs and cats. 

CBD oil is used to treat an array of pet conditions, including: 

- Nausea - Anxiety - Seizures - Appetite Problems

Just as in humans, the use of cannabis to treat pet conditions can cause a variety of side effects, such as extreme sedation and upset stomach. It is, therefore, important for pet owners to understand how various types of cannabis products for pets work. This knowledge will not only allow them to choose the ideal cannabis treatment for their pets, but will also help guarantee the pets safety. 

Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

Pet owners are advised to be very careful when using cannabis products to treat pet conditions. One of the things to be mindful of is the CBD dosage. While the right dosage can treat various pet conditions, overdosing may result in toxicity. However, a large amount of CBD would have to be consumed for anything major to occur.

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