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Hashish, or simply hash, is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s incredibly potent due to its high concentration of cannabinoids. People have consumed hash for many years through a variety of ways, such as smoking and vaping. 

Hash is made from dried resin and trichomes. While solvents are a major requirement in the extraction process of other marijuana concentrates such as shatter, the manufacture of hash does not. 

Types of Hash

There are various types of hash. Some are gummy and sticky, while others tend to be dry and a little crumbly. 

Common hash types include:

- Dry Ice Hash - Ice Water Hash - Lebanese Hash - Turkish Hash - Moroccan Hash

While all the above types of hash have almost the same potency, they differ according to the method used to extract the kief. Depending on the method of kief extraction employed, the final product will appear and feel different. 

How to Consume Hash

There are a handful of ways to ingest hash, including:


Vaporizing is one of the best ways to consume hash, especially if someone doesn’t want to smoke. The most important thing to note when it comes to vaporizing, however, is to get a vaporizer that’s specially designed for cannabis concentrates. 

Wrapping in joints

Wrapping hash in a joint before smoking it is most likely the most popular method of consuming hash. Not only does this technique create an extremely strong high, but it also produces a flavorful smoke. 

Infusing in Weed Edibles 

Eating hash in food makes for a great substitute for smoking. People who’d want to experiment with other ways of enjoying their hash should consider infusing hash into strong cannabis edibles. 

Smoking in a pipe or bong 

Many people prefer consuming their hash by placing it in a pipe or bong and smoking it. Pipes and bongs for smoking hash are usually fitted with a small mesh screen to avoid sucking the hash when inhaling. 

Hash Effects

Like any other cannabis concentrate, hash produces some incredible effects. 

THC Effects

The percentage of THC in hashish is modestly high. As a result, the weed concentrate generates some intense highs. Depending on the type of cannabis strain, hash can stimulate the mind or cause an intense feeling of relaxation. 

CBD Effects

Hash can also pack an incredible concentration of CBD as well. As you may know, CBD is best at creating relaxing and calming effects. Additionally, CBD has been shown to act against the effects of THC and provide moderation.  For more information about CBD, visit our CBD product page.

Hash FAQs

What is hash?

Hash is one of the first cannabis concentrates ever discovered.  It is made by compressing resin and trichomes of marijuana plants. 

Is hash marijuana?

Yes. It’s made from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. 

How can I consume hash?

There are many ways to consume hash, including smoking in a pipe or joint, vaporizing, and edibles. 

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